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When it comes to solving a big corruption case, it is the <i>Constitutional Comittee</i> (further CC) that is responsible for investigating the case. By CC, we mean the members that have been elected to investigate and perform other actions needed to crack the case and accuse responsible people. Of course, it does not work like that in Slovakia… This case tells us a story of how democracy works (or, to be honest, how it doesn’t) in our country and how every now and then some of the opposition parties find out that someone from the biggest political party in Slovakia (in command of Robert Fico) used national funds to buy himself a new car. In this case, it would be a new Mercedes with a pricetag of 250 000 EUR. This case tells us a story of how democracy works (or, to be honest, how it doesn’t) in our country and how every now and then some of the opposition parties find out that someone from the biggest political party in Slovakia (in command of Robert Fico) used national funds to buy himself a new car. In this case, it would be a new Mercedes with a pricetag of 250 000 EUR.

![Basternak’s new Mercedes](/posts/images/how-does-constitutional-comittee-work/mercedes.jpg)
Source: Marian Kunc

The whole situation is called ‘Case Basternak’, as the name of the car owner is Basternak. He is very unexpectedly Fico’s landlord, even before Fico lived in a villa owned by Basternak’s company. By the way, this villa was a part of a bigger complex, where other politicians from the biggest political party in Slovakia – SMER SD – have lived, or still live. The whole situation is called ‘Case Basternak’, as the name of the car owner is Basternak. He is very unexpectedly Fico’s landlord, even before Fico lived in a villa owned by Basternak’s company. By the way, this villa was a part of a bigger complex, where other politicians from the biggest political party in Slovakia – SMER SD – have lived, or still live. The whole situation is called ‘Case Basternak’, as the name of the car owner is Basternak. He is very unexpectedly Fico’s landlord, even before Fico lived in a villa owned by Basternak’s company. By the way, this villa was a part of a bigger complex, where other politicians from the biggest political party in Slovakia – SMER SD – have lived, or still live.

![SMER SD](/posts/images/how-does-constitutional-comittee-work/smersd.jpg)

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